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Hand crafted Flower Rosin by Feral puts flavor at the forefront and solvents completely out of question. Packed with full spectrum cannabinoids and a robust terpene profile, each cartridge captures the unique characteristics of its strain, leading to a relaxing, euphoric flower-like experience.For these cartridges first we partnered with Garden Of Panacea located in North Carolina where we sourced the best sungrown Blackjack Hemp Flower. From there we take the cured flower and extract it using all-natural processes, hand pressed, cured and then expertly decarbed.


We then take the one month cold cured flower rosin and blend it with a mix of CBN, THCP, and D10 Distillates achieving a well balanced, small batch, terpene-rich vape cartridge with exceptional taste. Our cartridges have no added liquifiers or terpenes ensuring a quality product everytime.


Grab your self one or two today, and don't forget to "Live Ferocious & Free".


Available as a Single 1 Gram 510 Thread cCell Zico Cartridge

Blackjack 1g Flower Rosin/Distillate Blend

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